Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd - Eighth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer

New in the library.

Sick of romantic visions of vampires, want something a bit more gritty but not Darren Shan?  This might be your series if The Radleys seems to big for you. 

Vladimir is a fairly ordinary guy except that he has been orphaned and now lives with his aunt who is a nurse, this is handy as Vlad has a need for fresh blood.  He is a good guy, he mostly stays out of trouble and minds his own business, the bullies tease him mercilessly and life just isn't that easy when you have all this to deal with, well put yourself in his position, you go all pasty if you don't get enough blood, you are not allowed to bite people, and all of a sudden you are the target of people who you could take out with a single swipe!  Vlad's teacher suddenly disappears, replaced by a replacement teacher who brings out very bad vibes in Vlad.  What is going on? Who is this new teacher?  Why does he act suspiciously?  And why is it that the girl Vlad really likes is all over his best friend?

We have all the books in this series, movie coming out soon.

Trailer for the book made by a fan below.  Very uber cool website here.

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