Monday, May 16, 2011

Fleur Beale speaks and runs writing workshops

Fleur Beale is one of the most beloved authors for teenagers in New Zealand.  Her books are accessible, her fictional teenagers speak just the way real teenagers speak, their situations are realistic and her writing pulls you along as her characters deal with life and the challenges it brings.  King's students have loved many of her books, but particular favourites are Slide the corner, Deadly prospect, Playing to win and Juno of Taris. 

We were delighted to have Fleur visit King's last Wednesday as part of the New Zealand Post Book Awards.  Students from King's, Taieri College and Macandrew Intermediate were invited to attend a talk and then selected students from each school attended a writers workshop in the King's Library with Fleur.  It was an excellent opportunity, students gained insight into the process of writing, the kinds of things editors are looking for, how to deal with dialogue and plenty of other things as well.

Below are some photos of Fleur speaking and of the students at the writing workshop.

Thanks so much to NZ Post, Booksellers NZ and the University Bookshop for bringing her to King's.  Our students and those of the other schools really enjoyed the experience of being up close with such a beloved author.

It should be said that since her visit we have had a rush for her new book called Dirt Bomb which is about three friends who find an old car in a ditch, and have to pool their money to make it go so that they can use it as a paddock racer, but it is hard to do that if you don't have any money!  It is a great book!

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