Friday, April 15, 2011

No eating in the library!

Meet Patrick.  Patrick is a newly appointed Assistant Librarian.  Assisting is something Patrick does very well.  He helps issue books, he carefully removes all the Top Gear magazines from the magazine rack to keep behind the desk and to protect others from their content (this has nothing to do with Patrick's Top Gear obsession) you can see him organising his stash in the photo, he recommends great books to students all the time, is an awesome member of the BookGang and is very well read.  Patrick prefers to do his homework behind the issues desk where everyone can see his fantastic artwork - he is really very good.

Patrick however, has a big problem! Patrick cannot help himself and he 'needs' to eat when he 'needs' to eat.  This includes in the library, where of course no eating or chewing is allowed due to the propensity of our students to leave their sandwiches as surprises for Ms Schaumann in the shelves and wrappers stuffed into any available crevice. 

We are working on this problem of Patrick's and he is trying to do better, but sometimes the urge just overtakes him and food - apparently of it's own accord - travels with him into the library and he will be happily munching away on it in front of all the other users.  Poor Patrick!

Despite this terrible problem Patrick is an awesome member of the King's High Student Librarian Team.

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