Monday, February 14, 2011

The BookGang 2011

The BookGang begins again this coming Friday. Here is a picture of some of the BookGang from last year, and it includes the famous Big Blue Bag of New Books! As you can see reading is a serious matter here, so serious that some of the guys couldn't even stop reading long enough to smile sweetly for the photo!

All avid readers both past BookGangers and potential BookGangers come along, with your lunch to L1, next to the library at lunchtime on Friday. Be on time or other guys will snaffle the books before you get a chance to even get a look. Book tussles are commonplace at BookGang!

  • You will see new books coming into the library.
  • Get the chance to suggest titles you would like to read which can be purchased for you.
  • Help organise outings and events for your fellow BookGangers.
  • Meet other people who love books.
  • Have a frighteningly good bookish time with Ms Schaumann.

Due to overwhelming numbers in the BookGang it may be necessary to divide into Junior and Senior BookGang

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  1. hello ms schauman, i may have forgotten how to spell your name and how to use correct grammer since kings, do you have heaps of book ganging seniors this year? if so AWESOME, ones that were previously juniors may now begin to see where or frustration came from!!



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