Wednesday, November 24, 2010

For the Hunger Games Fans

Those of you who have loved the books might enjoy seeing how you would cope in the arena yourselves. I have always fancied myself as a Rue kind of character but after playing this game it turns out I am not at all. Check out the game here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Review by Aidan Hall (year 13)

Usually if I don’t like I book I simply don’t bother doing a review for it, but this one time, I HAVE to make an exception.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! This is not a favourable review!

This book is the final part of the Hunger Games trilogy. The books focus mainly on one person, Katniss, and how she is forced to participate in a televised decimation of 24 tributes from 12 districts, designed to keep them from mutinying against The Capitol.

The first book in the series, The Hunger Games, has to be one of the best books I have ever read, as per usual the 2nd in the series was not as good, but this book which is the 3rd, well I’ll tell you what I thought of it.

The first half of Mockinjay is just Katniss whinging about her new home with the rebels, I'm not joking, it is simply half a book of pure whinging! The 2nd half starts to capture some of the essence of what made the 1st book so brilliant, she starts to do what a rebel leader should, she starts to FIGHT.

The last quarter of Mockinjay is actually the best part of the book, Katniss is fighting and in semi control, but how you see her from the first 2 books is different. In the first couple she relies on her instincts as a hunter using the simple weapon of a straight bow, but now she relies on ultra-modern technology, so its not Katniss you see, like, it could simply be any of the other rebels. Its only in the final few pages that the Katniss we remember from the past really emerges, she is meant to carry out the sentence of death of Snow the evil leader, when she kills Coin instead. This is the ONLY part of the entire book where Katniss as we remember her shows herself.

So, to be honest, I don’t recommend this book, if you are someone who has read the rest of the series, don’t read this one, simply think about how you think the saga should end.

Here is the book trailer for Mockingjay

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