Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Gear - the book collection

We have almost every book published by the Top Gear team here at the King's High School Library. We also have almost every book by every member of the Top Gear Team here. The most recent one is Richard Hammond's Blast Lab Book, pictured on the right. This book is a tie in to a TV series and is becoming very popular in the junior classes.

We have James May on Machines and on motors. We have Jeremy Clarkson talking cars, current events and all manner of other random topics in about 5 books. We have Richard Hammond on his life, on cars, and on what not to buy in the car world.

You want Top Gear, come to the library! From Top Gear at the Winter Olympics to Top Gear Motor Mania it is all here.

I thought you might enjoy the poster below!

demotivational posters - ANIMAL TESTING

Willie Apiata VC. The reluctant hero by Paul Little

Review by Reuben Hilder (Year 10) as part of the 50 Book Challenge

This is the story of Willie Apiata's life. He is interesting because he is the first New Zealander to win the Victoria Cross since the Second World War. I thought the parts that were written by Willie himself were the best bits, they read almost like a story or a novel. I liked the stories about him growing up and about him and his sisters. I didn't like so much the parts which were not written by him, some of those bits were a bit uninteresting to me. Overall it was an enjoyable book and it was good to read about a guy who is a reluctant hero.


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