Friday, October 15, 2010

One for the maths and economic fans

TED talks are some of the most entertaining and informative talks ever. They have world experts and leading lights of various fields giving talks which are accessible, not too long and enormously educational.

This particular one is from Hans Rosling and was filmed in 2007 when TED was just beginning, there is now a newer one as well. You've never seen data presented like this.

"With the drama and urgency of a sportscaster, statistics guru Hans Rosling debunks myths about the so-called "developing world." If you enjoy this one you will enjoy many of the others as well, upload them to your MP3 player and watch the videos for free.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seen outside the library

Seldom found outside the library, here are some of the regulars taking a corn-chip break. This was taken from the library classroom (L1) window at lunchtime recently. From the left: John, James, Simon and Aidan.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Assassin's Creed Renaissance by Oliver Bowden

Review by Aidan Hall (Year 13)

Assassin’s Creed Renaissance is based on the game “Assassin’s Creed 2”. Having only played “Assassin’s Creed”, I was expecting a kinda Sci-fi type book, but this is nothing like that, as it only focuses on the actual Assassin himself.

The book is set in the late 1400s and focuses on the main character, Ezio Auditore, after his family gets brutally betrayed. This leads onto him discovering that his father was not just a banker, but a member of a secret group dedicated to protecting mankind.
So, the book is about Ezio, and is his journey of revenge and retribution as he seeks out revenge against all the men that caused his brothers’ and father’s deaths, while at the same time doing the work for the Order of Assassins.

As to be expected, the book ends with Ezio defeating the Templar’s, even though it takes 27 years, and ends with the Prophet completely revealed.

I liked this book because it is based on a game (which I have played the prequel to), and coz it ended up being on the type of book I prefer, just a good action book, instead of a sci-fi book, which just makes it so much better.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read action books, and definitely anyone who has played either of the Assassin’s Creed games.

Reviewed by Aidan Hall

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Reviewed by Reuben Hilder, Yr 10 (As part of the 50 Book Challenge)

Moist von Lipwig, an ex-conman has been given the task of resurecting the Ankh-Morport Post Office. This is a feat that has bought all those who have previously attempted it to their deaths! Not only must Moist beat the clacks system for customers he must also come out victorious in a seemingly unwinnable race. The character I liked the best was Adora Belle Dearheart and I didn't really like the "distorting the time-space continuum thing" but I did really like the book.

Going Postal is a Discworld novel and has been turned into a mini-series which has been screened on TV. In the video below you can see Terry Pratchett himself talking about the novel and the series.

Monday, October 11, 2010

50 Book Challenge extended

In an unprecedented move the 50 Book Challenge is going to be extended until the end of October. Today an unexpected flurry of activity, and cries of outraged challengers have been hard pressed to get hold of official sheets, and as a result of this and other extenuating circumstances, the last day of October 2010 is going to be the final day for sheets to be returned. This extra time may mean that those who thought they had the competition won will find that they have rather a lot of competition!

Get your read on then guys and keep the entries coming in, you are still in with a chance.


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