Wednesday, September 22, 2010

King's English now on Facebook


If you are a student of English at King's High School you now have the opportunity to connect with your teachers on Facebook.  There is now a page for Senior English at King's and another for Junior English at King's.  These Facebook pages offer the opportunity for students to ask teachers questions, discuss research assignments and connect easily with others doing the same assignments and to discuss anything related to their English programmes.  As time goes on the pages will grow and develop and students are encouraged to use them, especially as exams and final deadlines for assignments are approaching.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Carbon Diaries by Saci Lloyd

A 'Ms Schaumann recommends' book!

This is the first book in a series that tell the story of what life might be life in the world when global warming has really kicked in and carbon usage is controlled in an effort to lower greenhouse emissions.  The wild weather storms that the world is facing mean that pressure on all countries to deal with emissions is very high, and that carbon is the big issue for everyone all over the world.  The UK has decided to commence 60% carbon rations immediately.  

Laura and her family live in London in 2015 and their carbon cards have just been issued to them.  This means that travel, what you buy, what you go to are all dictated by the 200 point limit per month on your carbon card.   This completely changes Laura's life, things that she used to take for granted like holidays and even getting on a bus have points attached to them and people have to make decisions about what they will use their credits for, with extreme weather events happening regularly life is not easy for Laura.

Laura has all the usual concerns of a girl her age, and she is in a band who desperately want to gig and make a name for themselves.  Her sister seems to be going crazy and her Dad has turned up with a pig and is turning their back yard into a farm - not very successfully.  Laura's Mum is showing a worrying tendency to become involved with her 'inner wolf' and Laura is very interested in the boy across the street who has maybe even weirder things going on at his place.  This is the diary of the first year of carbon rationing from Laura's rather snarky perspective.

This is a great book with an excellent main character who will appeal to many.

There is a website you can check out art and other stuff associated with the book.


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