Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quizlet - A tool for study!

Large internals and examinations loom, and students are starting to think about the techniques they will use for learning vocabulary and definitions of words for their various subjects.  I thought it might be useful to highlight a tool that I think might make learning vocabulary fun, interactive and above all is a useful tool.

Meet Quizlet!  Quizlet is an online tool that can make learning new words or memorising concepts fun.  You can make flashcards, compete in your own online quiz, share your quiz with another student or teacher and use it for almost all of your subjects.  There are pre-made quizzes, or you can make your own for your own specific needs.  Lots of people are using Quizlet for learning languages and there are lots of pre-made tests for subjects such as French, but it can be used for many other areas as well.

It is really easy to use and getting started only takes a minute.  I recommend you watch the video to learn how Quizlet can help you.  Click here to go to the video.  You can follow them on Facebook, the link is on their site, to keep up to date with new developments.  Give it a go!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

This book is one of Shaun Tan's masterpieces and here at the King's Library we have them all.  His artwork is admired by our Art Department teachers and the stories his imagination produces is appreciated by students across the school.  Here is a taste of the film version directed by Shaun Tan.

In a world of rivets and drabness, a boy befriends a fantastical red creature that appears to be totally lost: based on the writer-director Tan's prize-winning children's book.


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