Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Under the Dome by Stephen King

It has been a while since I ventured into Stephen King territory.  It is one of those things, when I do go there I always realise why he is so popular and why his books make such great films.  He writes clearly and as the story unfolds you can really visualise the situation in all it's nastiness, it is Stephen King, you know there is going to be some nastiness!

Under the dome is about the small American town of Chester Mill.  It is 10am on a Saturday morning and life is proceeding as usual.  People are driving, gardening, learning to fly planes, going to the supermarket.  All of a sudden a barrier comes down upon the town and life in Chester Mill is changed forever.  They are cut off from the outside world, nobody gets in and nobody gets out, and nobody knows how or why it happened.  This is the story of those trapped inside the dome and how the dome affects the residents, some of whom were already well on their way to being dangerous to know!  Vigilantism is rife and guns along with explosives are very handy, there is quite a lot of murder and mayhem and while not for the faint-hearted this book is a gripping comment on life today.  Highly recommended to those who like a big read (it has 880 pages) and those who like their drama served with tension and suspense.  I loved it.

Here is the booktrailer!

Monday, August 23, 2010

PTSA check out our new books!

The PTSA check out the new Non-fiction books purchased with the grant they received on behalf of the library from the Masonic Trust.  These books are all high interest books about football, rugby, famous people, hunting, cars, gaming, music, fishing and lots of other topics of interest to non-reading and reluctant boy readers.  We hope that the lure of these very cool books will draw in some of the students at King's who don't usually borrow books from the library.  We are really grateful to receive this grant and the librarian and the student helpers (see this post below) have enjoyed choosing books which will appeal to a wide number of our students.  Already there is a queue forming for some of them which is great news.

The library wishes to publicly thank the PTSA and the Masonic Trust for their help with improving our library.

Malcolm and Juliet by Bernard Beckett

Reviewed by Thomas Keane (Year 10) as part of the 50 Book Challenge

This book is about a boy named Malcolm.  He is 16 and he is a great scientist.  He volunteered to film a rugby game and presses play instead of record and there is a dodgy tape inside, so he watches that instead of recording the game.  He decides that what he saw on the tape will become the subject of his science fair project.  So, the book is about "the birds and the bees!" 

The book is really funny, and I think it would appeal to any high school boy.  I gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars because I liked it so much. 


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