Monday, August 16, 2010

The Hunger Games Book Trailer

Turn your sound up and watch this on full screen.  This is a fan-made booktrailer and it gives a great idea of that the book is really about.  We have three copies of this book and it is huge, you have to reserve to get hold of it. We are anxiously waiting for part three, the final one, due in September.   The rights of the movie have been sold and in other places on this blog you will find reviews and interviews with the author. 

Sit back, but don't get too relaxed, this is exciting stuff! 

Library Week

It is all on!
  • Magnetic Poetry on the wall of the library - starts tomorrow!
  • Risk it for a biscuit - See the notices for details
  • Speed Dating With Books with your English Class
  • Speed Date a Reader
  • BookGang cake extravaganza (this is actually just normal)
  • Briefing book bonanza for the staff
  • And so much more!

Get Thee To Thy Library And Feel The Love 

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