Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There's Magic In The Library at King's High School

Brendan entertaining the crowd
Brendan shuffles the cards
Meet Brendan who is a year 10 student at King's.  He is a quiet and unassuming young man but if you dig a little deeper you find that Brendan has a wonderful talent, he can entertain huge groups of students and amaze them with his skills.   Brendan is a magician.  He draws a crowd every lunchtime at the moment as people gather around to watch him.  When Brendan is in the library, you can guarantee that the numbers in here will go up enormously.  His quiet manner meant that most people didn't know about his magic until recently.  In the photo above you can see him entertaining the library regulars.   At one point last week the entire Senior Management Team were standing watching amazed.  Cool isn't it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Take the Maori Language Week Quiz

Check out the Maori Language Week resources at New Zealand History Online  Take the quiz by clicking on the link on the page (it looks like the image above) and see how well you do.  It is fun and will test your knowledge of all things Maori.

It's Maori Language Week and the theme is Te Mahi Kai!

 Food theme for Māori Language Week 2010  Te Mahi Kai” - The Language of Food
Have you seen The Language Club?
It is a great site for people who are learning Maori either at school or in other places.  Check it out!
During this week there will be occasional postings using lots of Maori Language.


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