Thursday, May 20, 2010

E3 Call Home by Janet Hunt

At our BookGang meeting at lunchtime today we discussed the winners of the NZ Post Book Awards you can see the full list of winners here.  We have quite a few of the books in the library now and the BookGang collectively have read all the ones nominated in the senior sections, some have read them all! 

One of the winners we felt really happy about was the great book called E3 Call Home.  Those of us who have read it think it is a deserving winner in the Non-Fiction category.  It is the story of two Godwits, E7 and E3, who make the incredibly long journey from New Zealand to Alaska each year during their migration.  One of the birds became famous because the tag she was carrying showed the path she took across the world, but one bird stopped flying at Papua New Guinea and nobody knew what had happened to it.  This is the story of that bird.
It is a great book because it tells a great story but it also gives you lots of facts and interesting information along the bottom of the pages as you are reading, the photos are great, the information about the habitat of the birds is really cool and this is a great book for those people who like a short read but want to learn new things quickly.  We are enjoying it here at King's.
The book is published by Random House and on their website you can find lots of links to the topics that are in the book.  This link is to a TVNZ clip about the Godwits.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Zealand Post Quiz Night

On Monday night this week some of our book-loving year 9 and 10 students did battle in the annual New Zealand Post Quiz Night held at the Dunedin Public Library.  We were a little bit over-confident in our approach this year because a year ago one of our teams were the winners of this prestigious event, unfortunately we were beaten by better teams this year.  Winning is not everything however, and the guys (many of whom are core members of the BookGang) had a great time.

Here are some action shots of them thinking hard, and answering questions such as - Name three lakes in North America with answers such as "North America has lakes?"  and who is the female author of a particular book nominated as a finalist this year, with the interesting answer of  "Jane Austen"!  We intend to start 'hard out' training for next year very soon.

The teams were:  Year 10 - Reuben Hilder, Ali Aman, Ben Whitcombe and Chris Harbrow
Year 9 - Finn Armstrong -McAlister, Layne Kay, Mackenzie Corbett and Connor Duncan


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