Thursday, April 29, 2010

After by Francine Prose

Review by Finn Armstrong - McAllister, Year 9.

The book follows the kids from Central High School, after a neighbouring school suffers an attack from some students.  The students at Central High are shocked at what happened.  Suddenly there are new rules for the students.  People start to notice that their friends,  are disappearing and also hearing on the grapevine that they are being killed.  The new Principal at the school, who seems like some kind of weird robot, and who convinces the parents that their own children are bad, starts cracking down on the students, there are new security measures put in, the students are not allowed to do the normal things they have always done. Even the parents are getting concerned. Counsellors who don't seem nice are brought in and things just get worse and worse.   This is a nasty book, it seems like it could really happen, not the nicest book you could read, but it is really good.

What I didn't like about it:  It was too short, only about 180 pages and the 50 Book Challenge is for books that have more than 200 pages.  I hope it counts!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Otago Careers Festival

May is Careers Month here in Otago, The Otago Careers Festival Website is now live and loaded with events and activities.  There are lots of things coming up for our students to attend and which will help them more aware of what career they may pursue once they leave King's, but also very importantly to raise awareness of the huge variety of careers which are available to them.  We want them to think carefully about the subjects they choose at school and the different pathways those subjects open up for them.  In order that parents and students are kept informed the twitter feed along the side of this blog will mention the events as they come along, and this blog will link to a new blog site with lots of Career Information on it.  This will become active next week.  Our weekly newsletter King's Week, will also have information weekly and the daily notices which are read to all students will contain information about events. 

Any students who are wondering about which direction they might go when the leave school, or who would like to discuss their options are welcome to come and make an appointment with Ms Schaumann in the library.  Parents are also welcome to come along.

Monday, April 26, 2010

On Active Service

Following on from Anzac Day, we are delighted to have received from Colonel John Campbell the donation of a fantastic book, it is titled On Active Service ... 5177 O.R. Gatman 2 NZEF, September 1939 - November 1941.  It commemorates through the letters sent home to his family, the life at war of a New Zealand soldier, Owen Gatman, who fought for his country in the Middle East.  It is a beautiful book, and the story of Owen Gatman will be a familiar one to many families whose sons went to war.  We are thrilled to add this book to our collection, and this book will be read and appreciated by many of our students who have an interest in New Zealand's war history.


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