Friday, April 23, 2010

Anzac Day April 2010

Today the King's students and staff attended a special assembly to commemorate Anzac Day.  The special assembly was held in the Performing Arts Centre and it was a very moving commemoration of King's students who lost their lives for their country.

To remember Anzac Day this year there is a display in the library.  Photos are attached.  The books in the display are available for students to borrow and we have lots more still on the shelves.

If you are interested in loaning one of the books in the display, just come and see Ms Schaumann who will set them free for you.
The books on display are both fiction and non-fiction and cover many different aspects of the war, there are both easy reads and more complex books.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

This book is not for everyone, not everyone will be comfortable with the subject matter but this is a book worth reading.  Clay comes home from school one day to discover a parcel full of cassette tapes waiting for him.  First he has to figure out how he is going to listen to them - who listens to cassette tapes these days?  He discovers that the tapes are from a girl called Hannah Baker, his classmate and the girl he loved from afar for a long time, and she has committed suicide only two weeks earlier.  She tells her story, how she came to the point of suicide, and the influences on her life.  The tapes are to be passed to the thirteen people who influenced this decision.  Clay waits for his name to come up and realises that some of the people he knows well have also been listening to the tapes.  They take him on a journey, through places he knows, through places Hannah knows and through listening to her voice he comes to understand a lot about himself and all about Hannah.

This book is not an easy read, and because of the issues raised is a senior only book, but it is a great read, very gripping and even though you know how the story is going to turn out, the journey to get there is really interesting. 

Do check out the website that goes with the book, there are excerpts from the book and from the tapes on there.


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