Monday, February 1, 2010

Lord Sunday by Garth Nix

Lots of our students are anxiously awaiting the release of  the next instalment of Garth Nix's series in the Keys to the Kingdom series. The website for the series has cool toys on it, screen savers, posters, links and a quiz for those people who think they know everything about the series.  If you are someone who just can't wait for the new book, which will be released in February then if you go to this link   you can download a podcast of Garth reading the first chapter for free.  He says on his website that he had a terrible cold when he was reading it so he sounds a bit fluey!  Garth Nix has lots of other cool stuff on his website, he has a facebook page which fans can follow and you can check out the development of a game he is working on which looks really really cool!

Garth Nix has featured on this blog before and if you would like to see the earlier entry just click here.


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