Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TTTTTSS Tian Tan's Top Ten Tips for Studying Successfully

Improve your study skills with TTTTTSS (Tian Tan's Top Ten Tips for Studying Successfully):

1. Complete and submit all coursework

2. Make a study schedule

Having a study schedule enables you to realistically divide your time so that you are able to maximise your study time on all your subjects. Make a daily to do list to help you divide and prioritise your study tasks. Start your revision early to avoid last minute cramming!

3. Study subjects that you don't like first

4. Condense your notes

Condense, reduce, concentrate, 'Boil Down'! Your notes should be a prompt for you rather than a re-written version of your original notes.

5. Put notes into an easily identifiable form
After condensing your notes try and put them into a mind map or cue cards. Use different colours, shapes and symbols to help maximise your attention and memory. It has been found that repetition helps subject retention.

6. Study in small blocks

Try to study in small blocks such as 30 minutes and a 5 minute break. This way it keeps you motivated and you are well rested. Give yourself a reward (e.g. a piece of chocolate cake) at the end of your study period.

7. Study in Groups

Studying in groups can be fun and useful. If necessary organise a study group but make sure that you have a purpose and achieve that purpose.

8. Nourishment

Eat, drink and sleep. It is vital to keep your energy levels at an optimum. So get at least 9 hours sleep, drink 2 litres of water and eat regularly. Some forms of 'brain food' are boiled eggs, fish, bananas and blueberries.

9. Before the exam

Do not try and do last minute revision before you go into the exam room. Briefly revise 2-3 hours prior to the exam to remind you of the important points you have covered in your revision

10. In the exam room

First, read all the instructions. During the reading time decide the order of your answers. When you are allowed to write, make a map of your essays before you start writing. Be aware of your time, and have fun.

Brought to you by The University of Auckland who also bring you this very funny and a little irreverent video. It is aimed at senior students.

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