Monday, June 14, 2010

Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

Review by Aidan Hall, Year 13  (Warning spoilers within)

Will Grayson, Will Grayson is a novel written by 2 authors, each writing half the story.
The first Will Grayson, written by John Green, is by far the waaay cooler guy. He's from  Chicago, and he lives by 2 simple rules, 1. Shutting up, and 2. not caring. He believes that breaking any of these two rules just leads to hurt.  Last time he broke BOTH at once, he ended up with one friend left, Tiny, who is, ironically extremely large. These 2 rules give him an awesome reason not to have a girlfriend, claiming he is “not asexual, he is just a-relationship-al”.  Because he has only Tiny as a friend, he gets dragged into Tiny’s musical about his life, which ends up with him saving Tiny and the Other Will Grayson’s relationship.

The other Will Grayson, written by David Leviathan, lives about an hour away from Chicago. For the first part of the book, the 2 stories aren’t related at all, it isn’t till Will Grayson goes to Chicago to meet his online friend Isaac that the 2 stories become combined.  When he gets to Chicago, he ends up finding out the “meeting” place is a very dodgy kind of shop, where he meets the first Will Grayson (O.W.G.) and his enormous friend Tiny. Being gay, he and Tiny immediately start going out, until just before the end of the book, which is where o.w.g comes in to try saving the day.

All in all, this book is awesome as it is just a great read, and is just a really cool way of showing that even though people may be gay, they are still just normal people.

Here is John Green reading the opening of the book on the Nerdfighters channel on YouTube.

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