Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stalingrad by Antony Beevor

Reviewed by Aidan Hall (Year 13)
Usually I write reviews for fiction books but this Non-fiction book definitely deserves a good review.
It is a history book about the lead up to the battles at Stalingrad during WW2, telling the history from both sides of the war.  What sets this history book apart from others is the style of writing in it. Most history books are written in a real boring style which is simply hard to read, but Stalingrad is written in a more informal style, kind of leaning towards the style of a fiction book.
So, I pretty much recommend this book to anyone that wants to learn a bit about the battle of Stalingrad, or anyone that just wants to read a history book just for the sake of it.
Antony Beevor writes books about major historical events and our library has almost all of them.  If you want more information about him and his other books you could go and look at his website. The newest one we have is D-Day which Ms Schaumann says the staff are reading one after the other right now.

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