Friday, May 14, 2010

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Review by Aiden Hall (Year 13) (Extreme John Green fan)

Guys always have a certain type of girl.  Whether it is that they are blong, short, skinny or tall.  Colin's type is Katherines, and not Katies or Kats or Kitties or Cathys or Rynns or Trinas of Kays or Kates or God-forbid Catherines!

Meet Colin, noted child prodigy, ut on his quest to find a formula to predict when relationships will end, from his experience of getting dumped by no less than 19 Katherines'.  As it goes, he ends up taking a road trip with his friend Hussaqn, after getting dumped by K-19.  They end up in the small country town of Gutshot, where, Hassan and Colin end up living for a few weeks. 

Colin then meets the girl who breaks the streak of Katherines, and comes to the amazing conclusion that his formula cannot work because you can't predict the future.

This book is pure awesome because it's all about an outcast from society, who somehow manages to find the only other person that really does care about him for who he is.

John Green's website is very cool.  There are links to videos, all the books, his special projects and heaps more.  Go there.

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  1. Hahaha bro you totally gave away the ending of the book! Still, nice review!


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