Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shift happens - again. An update for parents!

Social media, Iphone and Ipod apps, Twitter and a raft of Web 2.0 tools are changing the way students work, study and the way everyone finds answers to questions.  Watch this video about the influence of these new tools and be amazed!

In a world of rapid change it is really important for parents, caregivers and teachers to know exactly what their kids or students are doing online.  These students we have today are so media savy they don't even think about doing all or at least some of the things in the video, if you want to understand them you need to know how to use it too, social media can leave you behind very quickly.  Technology is only going to get more important in our lives.

While the library here at King's is full of books and research materials, which are used every single day of the school year, there is no altering the fact that the internet, and applications that use the internet to deliver information are also very important.  If you want a starting point there is an easy way to start, ask your teenager to help you.  Trust me they know what they are doing.  They may not be good at judging the quality of the information which is where you can help them.  You can help them to think critically about what they are reading and absorbing online, this is part of the libraries job, and you can provide support at home and talking about what students are doing online which reinforces learning, helps you to be involved with student learning and supports your teenager by showing you are interested.

Over the coming months this blog will profile some of the common applications and tools that students are using, or may find useful for homework, for research and also because they are so much fun to use.
Thanks to the Hey Jude blog for reminding me to post this.

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