Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet the Book Gang

Thursdays, at lunchtime in the Williams Room at the back of the library it is very very loud.  Very unlibraryish!  The Book Gang are in da house!  Not everyone could be there today and not everyone is willing to have their photos taken.  But we do have some fun! 

These photos were taken today after the scrabble for books was over and everyone had managed to get their hands on one of the new books, or one of the older books which is still in huge demand. Book Gangers get to have first go at the new books coming into the library - there is often a 'tussle' over the next book in a series if there is only one copy, which is always entertaining.

We have big plans for the year including 'field trips' to other school libraries and a book buying expedition.  One of the perks is that you get to eat lunch in the library and make all the other regular library users jealous!  You don't have to come all the time, if you can't make it nobody minds and we accept new members all the time.  If you are keen to join come and talk to one of the guys in the photos, or talk to Ms Schaumann.

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