Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Every Minute on Earth by Steve Murrie and Matthew Murrie

Fun facts that happen every 60 seconds.

This very cool little book has been travelling in and out of the library very fast recently.  It has lots and lots of facts in it, and is really easy to read.  Our boys like books with lots of facts and figures and statistics in them and this kind of book is always well used here.

Here is a selection from the book showing the kind of thing it has inside:
Did you know that in every minute?
  • 134 horses will be born.
  • Earth will be hit by 6000 lightening strikes.
  • 954 camera phones will be sold on earth.
  • The sun converts 218.2 million tonnes of matter into energy every minute.
  • Americans will pass 177 cubic metres of gas!
So if you are someone who likes to know weird and fun facts and figures come and get this book out of the library, and if it is already issued to someone, you can reserve it.

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