Thursday, February 11, 2010

Extreme Overdue Measures!

Here is Sam.  He is a Year 13 student in our school, last year Sam studied physics and biology, but forgot to return his textbooks.  So to help him (and all the other recalcitrant boys) extreme measures have been employed!  The Pink Permanent Marker has been introduced, it leaves a lasting impression (takes about 2 days to come off) on the hand of the offender.  The words 'bring books back' are inscribed on the hand and amazingly the books return the next day.  It's fantastic!  I think it's the pink!  Works like a charm.  This is highly recommended for all school librarians and look how happy Sam is!  He now goes to sleep at night guilt free, knowing that he has done the right thing and bought his books back, and in the process has saved lots of money that he would have had to pay to replace the missing books.  King's parents and caregivers, if your very own King's boy comes home emblazoned in pink, you will know why.  We would love to get all our outstanding overdue library books and textbooks back now, and avoid The Pink Permanent Marker and even more painful - the costs added to your account. 

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  1. I think that this is an inspired reminder and it is great to see Sam is such a good sport.Jayne KVC College.


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