Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Classic read - The Wind Singer

Here is the first of an occasional series of books that have dropped from popularity but which are still great reads.

The Wind Singer is the first book in a trilogy called the Wind On Fire Series.  Back in the day, these books were the hottest thing here at King's High and we had to have so many copies of them.  These days people have forgotten them as new series came along.  The story is a really fast paced chase, which starts off in the town of Aramanth.  In this society everyone sits examinations which mean everything, they mean that you can become wealthy, more cultured and that you will find your life easier if you pass, to fail means you bring shame to your family.  Everything in society is managed, what you wear, who you socialise with and how your life is likely to go.  There is another rebellious group in their society called the Haths, they believe that this system is not the way forward and that peoples lives should not be this way, Kestral is a rebel and she and her kind believe in a legend of a device in the centre of the city, which made beautiful sounds, but which is missing it's key to make it work.  She convinces her twin called Bowman, and a less reliable friend called Mumpo who comes along, to set out on a mission to find the key so that they can bring down the organisation and have an easier and tranquil life bought to Aramanth.  They follow a map which is old and has been given to her by the Emperor of the town.  What follows is a huge adventure, they travel above and below ground, through dangers which seem totally impassable they meet all manner of dodgy characters, they totally draw you in in their quest. Through it all they know that the only way that the evil can be removed from Aramanth is is they succeed in getting the key.

If you are have enjoyed the Mortal Engines series and the Hunger Games you are the kind of person who will enjoy this book. William Nicholson was the writer who did the final script for Gladiator, and he has written quite a few scripts and some other books, which we also have here in the library, but for me, The Wind Singer and the rest of the series are his best work and unlike a lot of series the second and third books are as exciting and page turning as the first one.  Highly recommended.

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