Thursday, January 28, 2010

Into White Silence by Anthony Eaton

This book was the major prize winner in several prestigious competitions in Australia last year.  It tells the story of the ship The Raven and the 28 men who are sailing on it into the freezing waters of Antarctica, wanting to find a new route and map the land and explore uncharted territory.  The vessel becomes stuck in the icepack and as the days stretch on the crew and all on The Ravel feel the effects of isolation, the stark environment and their desperate ambition. 

The gothic feel of the novel, combined with the grim subject make this book fascinating and stark, his book is not an easy read, but it is a fascinating look at the minds of men who have a single minded goal and who will do anything to achieve it.  It is fiction but based on real historical documents and the research that must have gone into the writing of the book is impressive.

Highly recommended for students doing wide reading at Years 11 and 12, it will also appeal to older readers, especially if you have liked classics like Joseph Conrad.  A genuine cross-over novel.  Try it out, it is new in the library now!

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