Thursday, November 19, 2009

Senior Prizegiving - one of the many highlights

Lima Manu and Reece Vaitupu have been stars at King's High for the last five years, along with many of our other year 13 boys, they perform at assemblies and musicals, and other school functions. They both perform outside school and are involved in lots of productions and bands. Along with that they are both regulars in the library, not so much for the research and reading, but for a place to catch up with work and get assignments underway and have a chat with Ms S. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top 100 Tools for Learning

How many of these do you use?
This presentation is the work of Jane Hart and from Slideshare one of the tools mentioned.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lemony Snicket gets mad!

Did you love The series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket?  Well Mr Snicket is outraged at the fact that you can now read The bad beginning, the first of the series online.  He has made this video as a warning. And if you look at the widget below you will see what he means.

  With thanks to 100 scope notes for the original link.

The Disgusting Dictionary - Warning Warning!

An A to Z of rude and horrid words edited by Tracey Turner

In a boy's school you really can have enough of these kind of books.  They are immature, annoying when the boys find them and full of things that boy's find totally irristible.  This particular one even comes with a warning.  "This book may put you off your dinner"  This is actually not true, it should read "This book WILL put you off your dinner".
A small dip into the book, into the H chapter to be precise, reveals that words such as Heave (verb): to vomit, Huey (verb): to vomit, and Hurl (verb), to vomit.  Now this is only one chapter! Just imagine how many other words in here have the same meaning!  Or maybe you would prefer not to!
All in all I do not recommend this book, it is totally disgusing, should be banned and please do not go near it.  You will thank me for this warning, unlike the heaps of other boys who have enjoyed it and giggled over it and indeed used some of the words in their daily conversations in the library, resulting in them being shut out in the cold.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Payback by Andy McNab

Reviewed by Warren Van Staden (Year 9)

Far away, in the middle of Southern Spain 17 year old Danny Watts and his Grandfather Fergus are on a rampage for revenge.  But their cover gets blown by an assassination attempt that goes wrong, they desperately want to clear the family name. They call their project Operation Payback.

These books are really exciting and full of action.  I loved the action and adventure, and I'm quite fussy and I've read the whole series and I think they are really good. Lots of other guys at King's have been reading these too and we all like them.

Secrets by F.M. McPherson

Reviewed by Jacob Steel-Strange (Year 10)

This book is about a guy called Mike Jaeger. Mike has some pretty interesting problems!  He is 16 and all 16 year olds have some problems don't they?  Mike has more than your average!  Turns out Mike and his father are clones, and his mother was a host. They are not human, they are part of something called the Pack. He can remember things from 40 thousand years ago! Mike starts having hallucinations which are memories, but he doesn't know that at first, or that what is invading his mind are Pack-brothers, his ancestors. Mike's father has spent his life trying to deny his heritage, and cant bring himself to talk to Mike about all this because of the painful memories.  Mike only knows he has one good, true friend, Dave. And Dave has got a secret too.

The best bit of the book is when Mike discovers that he isn't human, the start of this book is really great.  I'd recommend this book to people who have liked the Darren Shan series, and who like really scary books.


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