Wednesday, November 11, 2009

University Enrollments

Enrollments for courses have been the core business happening in the library over the last couple of days as the Year 13s sign up for various tertiary courses.  Here are a group of students getting their heads around the multitude of forms they need to get right to sign up for future studies.  These boys are all planning to do Engineering of various forms next year, some computing and some civil and some not quite sure of their speciality yet.

Any students who still need help can come and see Ms Schaumann and get some help to fill in the forms.  You can also check out the scholarships which might be available for the different areas of study.  Many have passed their closing dates now, but you might find the prefect one for you is still available.

The Chess Men

This group of magnificent gentlemen are our Chess Team.  They are all library regulars so it was deemed appropriate for their official team photo to be taken in the hallowed hall of the library.

They have had mixed success but all are very enthusiastic and are guided by their gallant leader, Mr Benham.

The chess team is a very good thing for students to join, so if you are keen to join their ranks next year get in touch with Mr Behnam, they are taking new recruits now, and would love some junior students to sign up.

Facebook? Twitter? Bebo? Myspace?

This little video (turn the sound down) is interesting, you should think about the things you post on social media sites, employers are using them when hiring staff.  With today being the last school day for our senior students I thought this might be a useful thing to post.


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