Friday, September 4, 2009

The Rangers Apprentice by John Flannagan

The Ranger's Apprentice series have been totally HUGE at King's.  I can't keep them on the shelves, even with multiple copies of each book. 

The great thing about these books is that boys from as young as year 9 all the way through to year 12 are enjoying them.  They are exciting, a huge adventure and a really good fantasy that, unlike lots of fantasy books, isn't too big.  The website is really cool, has games, widgets for your computer and a journey through the books.  You have to log in to get the good stuff but if you are a Rangers fan you are going to want to.  You can follow the journey of the characters and earn points.  There is a newsletter you can get so that you keep updated when there is a new book coming.

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

Reviewed by Chris Harbrow (year 9) as his 49th book in the 50 Book Challenge!

This is a fan-made poster promoting the movie which comes out soon!

New Moon is the second book in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.  After Bella cuts her finger and has a close call with the vampires, they all leave town and Bella spends more time with her friend Jacob Black, she finds out his family are warewolfs.

What did I like most?  I really like that you can learn more about the other characters from the first book and that the threads kept running along for the next book.

I didn't like!  The 'poor me' attitude from Bella when Edward left!  It was too much for too long!  I'm going to read the next one now.

The movie will be out in November and there is a preview here on the blog.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What happened to Cass McBride by Gail Giles

Reviewed by Chris Harbrow (Year 9) as part of the 50 book challenge

Cass McBride always gets what she wants, she isn't always the nicest person to know but she always gets her way, but one day Kyle Kirby has thought of a cruel plan for Cass because he thinks she is to blame for the death of David his brother.  Kyle digs a hole, kidnaps her and puts her in a box and buries her.  But Cass discovers she has a weapon she can use.

What was good about this book? There was lots of tension. The thought of being buried alive is pretty awful.  But this book is too short!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday lunchtimes in the library

Every Tuesday Mr Graham does duty in the library at lunchtime.

Every Tuesday Mr Graham and Ms Schaumann do the Listener crossword in the library.  This used to be an activity confined to just Mr Graham and Ms Schaumann - however, in recent times this mild and mannered activity has become downright competitive.  Boys who regularly visit the library have started to contribute answers, discuss answers, and at times take hold of the 'crossword pen' and write answers down - not allowed under the rules of engagement, see below!

In this photo you can see Mr Graham becoming anxious as boys compete with him to find the answer to one of the clues.  The rules are that there can be no internet consulting and nobody except Mr G or Ms S. can hold the pen, and the clues must be marked off as they are completed.  It is all good fun - well so far!  Every now and then we actually complete the whole crossword in a sitting, if we don't Mr Graham usually works out the answers by briefing the next morning!

Monday, August 31, 2009 A great place to go before exams!  

As it says on the site "Your one stop site for achieving in NCEA maths, science, and English. Find what you need to know, contact subject teachers, and get encouragement from other students. 

This site is THE place for students studying NCEA to go and have a browse around all year, but particularly with examinations next week.  You can search study tips or subject areas, ask questions about units of work, which will be answered by real teachers teaching the subjects.

One of the best things to do is to download the little powerpoint and find out how to get the most out of the site.  Studyit is run by the Ministry of Education so you know that the information on there is good.  Thoroughly recommended.


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