Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Library Week at King's High School is in full swing.
The theme for Library Week this year is Love your Library, and the King's boys certainly do!

- We have Risk It For A Biscuit - for every year group happening Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Take out a book that is out of your normal reading comfort zone, and you get a biscuit.

- We have book recommendations happening every morning from staff members to the other staff at morning meeting.

- Book reviews in the notices every morning.

- Students from all year levels recommending books at Friday Assembly.

- Classes coming in all week for extra library time, doing Information Literacy and Information Seeking classes.

- On Friday after school we will run Speed Dating With Books for the staff. Should be fun and interesting.

The King's Library is usually a busy place but this week, it is totally swamped with students, staff and lots of others as well. Gosh what will we do next year?


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