Friday, June 26, 2009

Haka Competition Today

The haka competition is one of the highlights of the Interhouse Competition at King's.

It happens right outside the library doors so I think it sits nicely on the library blog.

Ultimately Stuart house were overall winners.

Don't call me Ishmael by Michael Gerard Bauer

Reviewed by Jake Massih (Year 9) 50 Book Challenger Extraordinare

This book is about Ishmael Leseur, a boy with Ishmael Leseur's syndrome. He hates his name and gets bullied for it, until Scobie comes, a nerdy looking boy who is not afraid of anything. Ishmael joins the debating team and 'accidently' gropes his crush ... fantastic!

What did I like about it? It was really straight to the point, with good Moby Dick facts, and a greatly interesting style of writing. I really did enjoy this book.

What did't I like? I have to read the sequel!


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