Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The General by Robert Muchamore

Reviewed by Nick Barth (as part of the 50 Book Challenge)

What is it about?
This book is part of the Cherub Series. A training exercise in America at a massive Army training facility. They stay in a small town and fight the American Army. the main character gets sent out and starts blackjack gambling with a friend.

What did I like the most about it?
It's funny, its got girls, and action!

What didn't I like?
It's got some boring bits.

There are lots of great websites about CHERUB books but the main site is this one.

Ways to live forever by Sally Nicholls

Reviewed by Ben Whitcombe as part of the 50 Book Challenge

Sam has cancer and he is dying. His friend Felix also has cancer. Sam makes a list of all the things he wants to do before he dies, and how many he can complete. In the story you hear about Sam's family, his teacher, and how he goes to school at home until he is too sick for that. It is funny and really really sad.

You can read more about this book here:

What did I like most about this book?
Is it a true story? Because if it is I like true stories.

What didn't I like?
When Sam and Felix died.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Genesis Alpha by Rune Michaels. Reviewed by Chris Harbrow

Chris reviewed this as part of the 50 Book Challenge

Max is very sick with cancer as a baby but he is cloned to get cells he needs. He now has a brother, when Max is charged with murder everything changes, his younger brother Josh sets out to find evidence but finds a surprise.

What did I like most about it?

Very imaginative, great twise, Genesis Alpha is a great book and I would recommend it to lots of people.

What didn't I like?
It ended too fast, but other than that it was great!

Have a look at the Fantastic Fiction entry for Genesis Alpha for more details of this book.


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