Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Magic Kingdom For Sale - Sold by Terry Brooks

Imagine this. Your have plenty of money, your wife has died, you are alone in the world and you need a project. You see an advertisement for a magic kingdom in a catalogue. The idea appeals to you, so you buy it.

However, what the advertisement didn't tell you was how complicated, frustrating, irritating and scary it would be managing the likes of incompetent wizards, creatures you have never seen the like of before, witches with grudges, a very very large dragon and assorted trolls and water creatures, and don't even mention the horrible weather, and the rusting castle.

This is the first in the Landover series by Terry Brooks and I have just finished it and I totally loved every minute of it. I liked it so much I have bought the rest of the series for myself on Trade-me! Its funny, cynical and addictive. I think if you like Douglas Adams and the Hitchhikers Guide books you will really enjoy this. Do try it! Available in the library now!

I have discovered since reading this that there will be a movie of this book released next year!

New Mags in the Library Today! YaY!

Just back from the shop with these new magazines:

Healthy Food (trialling this one, what do you think?)
New Zealand Mountain Biker
North & South
NZ Rugby World
Top Gear

They will be on the shelves tomorrow when we open.


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