Monday, December 7, 2009

Point Blanc, the graphic novel

based on the novel written by Anthony Horowitz. Graphic Novel by Antony Johnston and Kanako and Yuzuru.

This is based on the second book by Anthony Horowitz in the Stormbreaker series.  I've read all the books in the series that our library has, there is a new one coming next year and I can't wait.  This graphic novel is an alright book, I quite liked it but it left out quite a bit of stuff that happens in the novel.  An example is when the guy comes and sabotages the elevator so that the wealthy businessman falls down the elevator shaft to his death, how could they leave that out?  Anyway I read it quickly and I quite liked it but it isn't as good as reading the actual book.

Want to read the beginning?  You can download it from here

Review by Ben Seaton, Year 9 (assistant to Ms Schaumann during sports day because of a broken heel)

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