Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Invisible Road by Elizabeth Knox

Review by Mrs Rosie

This is a very interesting and plausible read and yet very much a fantasy.  It is set in a New Zealand which is called Southland, but that is different in era and feeling to now, and it felt very familiar.  To me it felt implied that it was set on the West Coast of the South Island.  There is 'the place' an area that only Dreamhunters have access to, to become a Dreamhunter you have  to pass the test and prove your skill. 

  The theme of the book is dreaming.  Dreaming means in this context, to heal, subdue, punish, persuade, dreams can be caught and projected to audiences who can view them, the dreams are captured by Dreamhunters. Dreams are valuable, people want to see them and therefore they are an economy of their own, but some dreams are being used for a darker purpose.  The book is centered on a girl called Laura, whose father discovered that he could capture the dreams, and her friends and relatives.  There is romance, and intrigue, and so much to think about in this book.  It is hard to describe because the book is huge in scope and the world is so complex within it.

This is a book for those who are interested in the unusual and the paranormal.  I found it a gripping read maybe more of a girly read than what I usually read but I did enjoy it. Dreamhunter is a 'duet' book, it contains two books in the one volume, both have been released seperately.

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