Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ex Reluctant Readers

These two young men are Jordan and Tim, both were in year 13 this year and have now officially left school.  Jordan to a job in retail in Dunedin and Tim for a gap year working in a school in England.  These guys have always resisted the charms of the library until this year, when, required to spend their study periods here they both discovered a love of reading.  Jordan's taste is for young adult fiction, he likes Fleur Beale, Scott Westerfield, James Moloney and Malorie Blackman.  Tim really enjoys a good sporting biography he's enjoyed books like Tarawera Nicau's book, Shane Warne, Nathan Astle but has also discovered fiction and has been reading Marcus Zusack's The Messenger which he enjoyed.

One of the major joys of being the librarian in this school is when you help someone pick up a love of reading, almost by accident - Tim heard me talking about The Messenger to a class of Year 11 students and grabbed it for himself.  Jordan heard a couple of boys talking to me about the Uglies series and decided to try it.  Brilliant.
Rewarding, and one of the reasons I do my job.  Best of all I know that these guys are set for life.  On one of the last days of school Tim came in and told me that I had ruined his life.  He now can't go to sleep without reading a book.  Jordan came in to complain - "who is going to tell me what to read next"?  Lovely moments.
Jordan is on the left, Tim on the right.

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