Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Tregonning Brothers Three visit the library

Last week the school was visited by three of our distinguished old boys, the Tregonning brothers.  All three of these gentlemen went through King's High School during the 1950s.  They spoke to some of the Year 12s and the Year 13s about their life at King's during that time and their lives and professional careers since then.  Two of the brothers have gone on to be surgeons and one has been a school principal.  They spoke about their adventures as boys growing up in Macandrew Bay, travelling to school on the bus, getting caned by the teachers, wearing caps every day and told stories of the staff from that time.  It was entertaining and the boys enjoyed listening to the stories.

One of the brothers Bruce, has written a book about his childhood memories and he passed this book onto the school for the library.  This is a real treat!  It's great when former students of the school come in and see how things have changed, and get a feel for how the place is now, and talk to the boys about what those changes are.  We are very grateful to the three brothers for giving up their time to come and speak.   

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