Monday, November 16, 2009

Secrets by F.M. McPherson

Reviewed by Jacob Steel-Strange (Year 10)

This book is about a guy called Mike Jaeger. Mike has some pretty interesting problems!  He is 16 and all 16 year olds have some problems don't they?  Mike has more than your average!  Turns out Mike and his father are clones, and his mother was a host. They are not human, they are part of something called the Pack. He can remember things from 40 thousand years ago! Mike starts having hallucinations which are memories, but he doesn't know that at first, or that what is invading his mind are Pack-brothers, his ancestors. Mike's father has spent his life trying to deny his heritage, and cant bring himself to talk to Mike about all this because of the painful memories.  Mike only knows he has one good, true friend, Dave. And Dave has got a secret too.

The best bit of the book is when Mike discovers that he isn't human, the start of this book is really great.  I'd recommend this book to people who have liked the Darren Shan series, and who like really scary books.

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