Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's book return time!

What is this photo?
This is the book return bag (it is even environmentally friendly!). 

This bag is currently doing the rounds of the group rooms at Group Time!  It is collecting your overdue books, and is accompanied by the lovely Ms Schaumann, who is currently using her ever so slightly grumpy voice to try and get back the books from the seniors, some of which have been outstanding from the library since early in the year.  Guys, I hear she is mean!  I hear she is nasty! I hear she can be cruel when faced with 650 outstanding books (which is what we currently have).

Do yourselves, and the librarian's mental health a favour and bring back your books, especially the ones lurking under the beds, shoved in the cupboard, buried by socks and generally neglected or borrowed by your brothers, sisters, parents, caregivers, and even in one case an Uncle Jim!

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