Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday lunchtimes in the library

Every Tuesday Mr Graham does duty in the library at lunchtime.

Every Tuesday Mr Graham and Ms Schaumann do the Listener crossword in the library.  This used to be an activity confined to just Mr Graham and Ms Schaumann - however, in recent times this mild and mannered activity has become downright competitive.  Boys who regularly visit the library have started to contribute answers, discuss answers, and at times take hold of the 'crossword pen' and write answers down - not allowed under the rules of engagement, see below!

In this photo you can see Mr Graham becoming anxious as boys compete with him to find the answer to one of the clues.  The rules are that there can be no internet consulting and nobody except Mr G or Ms S. can hold the pen, and the clues must be marked off as they are completed.  It is all good fun - well so far!  Every now and then we actually complete the whole crossword in a sitting, if we don't Mr Graham usually works out the answers by briefing the next morning!

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