Friday, September 18, 2009

Dirt bike daredevils by Pat Withers and Mat Hoffman: The Ride of my life

Reviews by Jamie Todd (Year 9) As part of the 50 Book Challenge

Dirt Bike Daredevils is a story about Jake and peter who are on another sport mission, but the the exact same as the others in the series (Extreme series).  In this one they save someones life.  I have read all the books in this series now and I really need Ms Schaumann to get some more!

The ride of my life by Mat Hoffman
This is the true story of a hero called Mat Hoffman.  He is a professional BMX biker.  It was his mission to save the sport from extinction.  He made a lot of moves up and hurt himself majorly just trying to save BMX.  This book is really good and if you like BMXing you should read it.  There are three copies in the library.  The photos of Mat Hoffman from and the Texas New Media Group on Flickr.

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