Friday, September 25, 2009

50 Book Challenge Last Day

Today is the final day of the 50 Book Challenge!  It has been incredibly well supported by the boys, they took off on the 1st of March with a hiss and a roar for 6 months of intensive book borrowing and reading.  The final numbers are in during the holidays but today is the last school day that competition can run.

It was a competition for the individuals and for the House Group they belong to.  A clear group winner emerged early on, and they have continued their dominance of the competition.  End of school today the sheets will be tallied and the winner will be announced the first week back.  Prizes will be awarded and the winners will be worshiped for their tenacity, their persistence and their dedication.

Pictured are two of the libraries hard-core readers Harlam who loves Graphic Novels, but has recently discovered Fleur Beale, Mandy Hagar and Malorie Blackman.

Also pictured is Warren who reads all manner of things, but has discovered historical fiction, particularly Iain Gale, Bernard Cornwell and Julian Stockwin.

These two library regulars are just part of our 'happy band' of regulars.

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