Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dis Information and other wikkid myths by Dr Karl Kurszelnicki

Do you watch Mythbusters on TV? If Mythbusters is your kind of telly then you should have a go at reading books by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. We have quite a few of them in the library and they are funny, interesting and appeal to people who like a book you can 'dip into' and come back to again and again.

Karl Kruszelnicki (fabulous name) is an Australian, he is a guest on lots of radio programmes and TV shows in Australia, and is funny, clever and highly entertaining.

In this particular book he will debunk the myth of flesh eating pirhanhas being the deadliest fish, that oranges are the perfect way to get your vitamin C, that when your cat purrs it is happy, and that Cleopatra was insanely beautiful. But wait there is more, hands up if you think carrots make you see in the dark, want to know how a lie detector works? Then this book is perfect for you.
Highly recommended for all sorts of people who want a laugh, to know some more 'stuff' and who want to while away a few minutes of quality time filling their brain.

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