Tuesday, July 21, 2009

James May's Magnificent Machines: How Men in Sheds Have Changed Our Lives

I have to confess to a particular fondness for James May. He is the best part of Topgear for me. Others may argue with me, and they frequently do when Topgear is on at my house and I am having a fond moment over Mr May, but I think he is the best on the show. Not only is he lovely but he writes great books that are really popular with the boys, so he is perfect really! This book is about the development of the technology we use every day and take for granted, how it developed, the occasionally mad people who invented it and the sheer excitement of invention.

It is highly recommended to anybody with a technical bent, and if you enjoy the kind of humour you see on the Topgear show, you will certainly enjoy this book. It has excellent photographs, my particular fave being the one of Megan and Morag the sheep. Lots of different topics are covered, from artificial limbs to space travel, to tanks, Jimi Hendrix and lots and lots more. Highly recommended to both staff and students.

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