Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Regulars

Every lunchtime and interval in the library we see 'the regulars'.
  • These are the guys who come most days. They come to see if there are books they need to get hold of first.
  • They come to be the 'all powerful issuer' of the books.
  • They come because they are too busy after school to get their homework done, so they make a start on it during school time.
  • They come because their friends are here and they can have a big catch up with them.
  • They come because the library is the coolest place in the school - obviously!
These boys are probably the ones you will see the most in the library photos posted on here and they are avid watchers of the blog, so I thought I would make sure there were some photos on here for them to check out when they next visit. I will put some more on here soon as I notice some of the regulars aren't in these photos.

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