Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jack Higgins Omnibus

The Valhalla Exchange by Jack Higgins - reviewed by Jamie Todd 9Fy as part of the 50 Book Challenge.

Jamie is an avid reader, and is very quickly working his way through the Jack Higgins books in the library. He started doing this because he found one at home and read it and really liked it.
What is it about?
It is at the end of teh war and about some of the things that the Germans did during that time. It has also got the Fuhrer Hitler killing himself after his wife killed herself in the Fuhrer's bunker.

What did I like most about it?
The action.

What didn't I like? I liked everything about it.

Did you know: Jack Higgins is the psudenom for Harry Patterson. He worked as a soldier and then became a teacher before he became a full-time writer. His most famous bookThe Eagle Has Landed made him a bestselling author and he has sold over 250 million copies of his novels and they have been translated into fifty-five different languages. Lots of his books have been turned into movies, which have also been very successful.

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