Friday, June 12, 2009

The book thief by Marcus Zusak

Reviewed by Jake Massih Year 9 (new contender in the 50 Book Challenge)

What is it about? The book was written by death, and it shows the sad life of a girl in Nazi Germany. She steals books to educate herself. The book also has a part of it written by a Jewish man who is hiding in her family's basement. The reason he is there is very complicated, but Liesel, the girl becomes friends with him and reads his book as he is writing it. The family's life is very hard and sad.

What did I like most about it? The idea that the book was written by death! It was a great book and I read it in one day!

What didn't I like? It was so easy to read it was like it was being played on a tape...

Below is a video of Marcus Zusak talking about his book. There is a great website.

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