Thursday, May 14, 2009

The 10pm Question by Kate De Goldi

I need to confess right at the start that I am a major Kate De Goldi fan, and therefore might be totally biased. I enjoyed this book, I read it in two sittings, with a break between to try and make it last longer.

Frankie Parsons is a 12 year old boy with lots of things going on, both in his mind, and in his life. His mother is a wonderful kind woman who listens to Frankie's questions about all manner of things that worry him at about 10pm at night, most nights, Frankie has turned worrying into an art form. Frankie's Dad, called Uncle George for reasons explained in the book is busy, fun and tired, also in the picture are some eccentric aunties, who Frankie lived with as a wee boy, and a brother who has had a wild teenage past, and the wonderful Gordana his very 'intollerant of younger brothers' sister. Add to the mix Frankie's great mate Gigs and the new girl in the class the very unusual Sydney. She and her sisters are all named for the places they were born.

From the first page of this book I felt as if I had Kate De Goldi reading me the story in my ear. The voice in the book is her, the tone of the book is her and anybody who like me listens to her on Kim Hill on Saturday mornings will understand what I mean.

Highly recommended, maybe more for adults than teenagers. The two boys here who have read it have not been overly enthusiastic I have to say, but I enjoyed it enormously.

Ms Schaumann

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