Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost Property by James Moloney

I have to admit to being a real fan of James Moloney, his books about for teenagers (especially boys) have such feeling of 'realness' about them. The stories tend to be about ordinary guys who have life just happen to them! He really seems to get inside the head of his characters.

This book, Lost Property, is about Josh, who is a pretty ordinary guy, he is in a band, he has a girlfriend, he has a part time job and he does okay at school. However something happened in Josh's family a while ago and it is slowly eating away at them. His brother Michael has disappeared, and because of this it is tormenting his parents and affecting all the family and their relationships. Then Josh finds a clue when he is at work in the Lost Property Office at a train station in Sydney, where people come to find their belonging which have been lost on the trains. Josh decides to find Michael and save his family. He sets out on a journey up the coast of Australia to follow the clue and see if he can reunite his family. It is a thousand mile journey and who knows what he will find when he gets there.

This book is sad and rewarding, you will feel better for reading it. It deals with loss and family issues, being 'good', independence, and as always with his books, the stuff that happens to you when you are a teenager.

It is perfect for wide reading, James Moloney has won many awards, and this particular book was short-listed for the Children's Book Council of Australia awards.

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