Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Death Duck and the Tulip

Some picture books make a mark, they leave the reader with lots to think about, and, if read in a group they can be a great discussion starter, or even finisher! This is such a book.

Death takes the form of a casually dressed skeleton, with a personality! Duck is a duck. Death is not keen on the pond that Duck takes him to, too damp! Duck is kind to Death offering to warm him a little. The relationship between them develops and as the story develops the reader begins to suspect that someone here is going to die, and its not going to he Death. Duck contemplates with will happen when he dies, and the story moves on to its sad conclusion. Yes it's a sad story, yes it's very different to the usual picture book, but yes it is a real treasure.

Try it, you might really enjoy it.

Death Duck and the Tulip is by Wolf Erlbruch and published in New Zealand by Gecko Press

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